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Naprakész információk az Airbnbről, a rövid távú ingatlan-bérbeadással kapcsolatos adózásról, a kiadás és bérlés újdonságairól és a külföldi trendekről.

  • Az Airbnb portlandi irodájában is lakáskiadásra koncentrálnak.

    Airbnb – as we see it

    Nowadays, there are innumerable articles online, addressing the Airbnb phenomenon. Most of them, unfortunately, make little sense: they build on half-truths, offer little information and mostly point out the importance of complying with tax regulations. So those, who are planning to dive into this world prepared encounter a lack of…

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  • RBNB logó a blog nyitócikkébe.

    The Rbnb site is now live

    After lots of planning and thorough preparations, we have finally launched our website where you can find information about our services and what makes short-term rental management worthwhile (especially if you are working with us). With more than a year of short-term rental management experience and 5+ apartments in our…

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