The Rbnb site is now live

The Rbnb site is now live
2015-10-26 RBNB
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After lots of planning and thorough preparations, we have finally launched our website where you can find information about our services and what makes short-term rental management worthwhile (especially if you are working with us).

With more than a year of short-term rental management experience and 5+ apartments in our current portfolio, our team has decided to take on a new approach. Recent results have proven that professional, legal apartment management tuned to offer the best is profitable; hard work pays off.

There are innumerable tasks and problems involved in short term rental management. Luckily, we have a wide array of expertise and work together well, which is crucial for a project like this. Iván takes care of marketing and communication, Zoli is responsible for organisation and booking management, Barbi is our tax counsellor, while Zsófi welcomes and corresponds with guests.

We hope we’ll be working with you soon, too.

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