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on a performance-based commission basis.

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Rövid távra kiadott lakások, ingatlanok teljes körű ügyintézésével kapcsolatos szolgáltatások a bérbeadásától a takarításon és karbantartáson át az adózásig

How do we work?

We step into the picture when you start contemplating to let your flat via Airbnb: we will manage the whole process for you. In exchange, we ask for a commission after the income from your let. It is as simple as that.

Our services in detail

24/7 availability online and by phone

We are available 24/7 online and by phone, both to the host and the guests. (Please note, that our Offline package does not include correspondence with guests.)

Rental profile information

We relate all the important information to guests in writing. We share all information concerning the accommodation (e.g. the how-to of internet access, the heating, miscellaneous equipment, etc.) and the neighbourhood (e.g. nearby sights, restaurants and bars). We compile thematic city visit packages tailored to the guest.

Guest identity check

For security reasons, we verify the identity of every guests before the completion of the booking.

Listing photography

Making the first impression, quality photos have an unparalleled impact on prospective guests. We have professional photos taken of your property to show its most advantageous side and convince the largest number of viewers that it is the accommodation of their dreams.

Booking and calendar management, price optimization

We handle all guest inquiries and requests regarding the accommodation, the location, transport, etc. We arrange for the check-in/check-out and the cleaning in harmony with the bookings. We keep the booking calendar up to date, determining the optimum pricing for the given season to the best of our knowledge. We review the prices daily in order to achieve maximum occupancy and the largest possible profit for you.

Review management

We manage the reviews of your listing and prepare feedback on each guest.

Correspondence with Airbnb

We continue full correspondence with Airbnb representatives and the support team.

Check-ins and check-outs

We coordinate with the guests regarding their arrival and departure times in advance. We always arrive first at the flat to ensure a smooth check-in and check-out.

Cleaning and preparations

We have the flat cleaned to the last peg by a professional cleaning staff. The cleaning covers the entire flat and can take 2 to 5 hours. In preparation, we check the elctric system, the heating, the sewage and the water system. We replace light bulbs whenever necessary and call in a professional in case of a more complex problem, in order to solve the issues as soon as possible.

Cleaning products restock

We procure and restock everything necessary for cleaning and maintenance. We only use green cleaning products in order to manage the flats in our portfolio in the most enironment-friendly way possible.

Clean bed linen and towels

Just like in a hotel, your guests are provided with fresh and crisp linen and towels. Proper hygiene is guaranteed by a professional laundry service.

Refrigerator restock

We fill your refrigerator with basic alimentary products that are easy to recognize for people from abroad as well – which will add to their level of comfort. We determine the contents of the fridge together with you. A restock costs cca. HUF 5 000 on average.

Tax advice, invoicing, declarations

We provide real estate rental consultation – i.e. we assist our clients with up-to-date information -, in compliance with Hungarian tax regulations. We take care of the compulsory invocing every time a guest arrives; we prepare and file monthly declarations to the tax authorities.

Interior decoration consultation

With a knowledge of current trends, we offer consultation on designing and furnishing the accommodation with the goal of ensuring the maximum satisfaction of guests. A professional interior decorator can be included in the process on demand.

Listing SEO

We rewrite the address lines, descriptions and other texts of your listing to be search relevant, and hence maximize search potential.

Home insurance

We assist you with signing an all inclusive home insurance and relieve you of the pertinent legwork.


How do you clean the property?

In the bathroom, we wipe down and disinfect the taps, the wash basins, the shower/tub, and the toilet; we wipe down the wall tiles, the shelves and other surfaces as well. In the kitchen, we wipe down and disinfect the counter, the table and the chairs. We wash the dishes, empty and clean the fridge, microwave oven and the oven. We empty all waste baskets. In the rooms, we wipe down every surface, then vacuum and wash the floor. We replace the used bed linen and towels with fresh ones.

How do we sign an agreement?

We conclude an agreement approved by our lawyer and our tax consultant to ensure the legality of the cooperation.

How do you invoice?

We issue the invoice for our services upon receiving a certificate of completion. Our invoice can in certan cases be used to reduce the tax assessment base.

For companies or private persons?

We are happy to work with companies and private persons both.

What is the shortest contract period?

We usually sign for 12 months, but it also happened that we managed a freshly renovated flat until it was sold (3 month).

How do we conclude an agreement?

Following a phone consultation, we meet you in person in the flat in question, so we can give you the best estimate of the expected revenue. If our offer is to your liking, we get down to business: we sign an agreement and perform the necessary background tasks. Afterwards, you can sit back and relax, since you will receive a weekly/monthly report of your flat’s performance. How does this sound?

Put your trust in us!


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