Airbnb – as we see it

Airbnb – as we see it
2015-11-02 RBNB
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Nowadays, there are innumerable articles online, addressing the Airbnb phenomenon. Most of them, unfortunately, make little sense: they build on half-truths, offer little information and mostly point out the importance of complying with tax regulations. So those, who are planning to dive into this world prepared encounter a lack of crucial information and sensible advice.

Most people already know what Airbnb is and how it works – and although there are loads of pages with a similar profile, it is undoubtedly the market leader. Using the page is simple: you register, identify yourself (email, mobile phone, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and offline identification, like driver’s licence, passport or ID), fill out your profile with some nice description of yourself, and add the apartment you’d like to let. The steps are simple (we’ll address the question of tax declaration later), and although one can still get stuck, it is not that difficult to get your apartment listed. The hard part begins here: you have to upload nice photos of the apartment (if your apartment is not beautiful, you might want to think about why tourists would choose your not-so-becoming place out of thousands of apartments on offer online), come up with a beckoning title and a convincing description.

Then come the questions of:
– asking price (too expensive means no bookings; too cheap means little profit),
– number of people it sleeps (would it be too crowded with two more persons sleeping on the sofa bed; if you have apartment for 8, would it attract reckless stag tourists; what is suitable pricing for a apartment that sleeps 8, anyway),
– which parts to photograph and how (do you really need 10 pics of the neighbourhood, the stairwell and the decoration; what is the right composition, etc.)
– flexibility of check-in/out (24/7 vs. the hotels’ 15 pm/11AM), cancellation (money back guarantee or something stricter)
– should there be weekend pricing, a cleaning fee, a safety deposit, and so on?

There are no go-to answers to these questions: they have to be deliberated separately for each apartment to yield an optimum solution. This is flexible ground and it requires flexibility regarding your timetable, as well as organizing, decision-making, and guests. These are of course important when you want to make the most of your apartment. Plus, considering today’s overwhelming offer, we believe you cannot stay afloat for long if you don’t strive for the best.

This is exactly what we do: we believe that profitability on the long-term requires complete dedication (listing, booking management, cleaning and guest support). If you want to give it a try, you can do so after the necessary administrative rounds (notary, tax authorities, etc.); if you want to give it a go, because you see its advantages over long-term rentals, but don’t have the inclination or time to focus on it full time, come and find us!

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